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Local garage rockers The Blue Stones released their debut video yesterday, shot by local film maker/video producer Gavin Michael Booth. Booth has been on a bit of a hot streak of late, with recent videos by The Afters, Inoke Errati and many others finding viral success on the internet. Well this latest one may have created the most amount of buzz to date. Because apart from the band themselves, the star of the video are two iPhone 4’s in what is believed to be the first video to use FaceTime technology (for those who don’t have iPhones or are unfamiliar, FaceTime is video conferencing/calling).

It’s already been picked up by many internet technology blogs like The Next Web, Jailbreak Movies, and The Unoffical Apple Weblog, as well as entertainment websites like The Rock 100.7 FM’s official site, and EntertainmentWindsor.

Gavin Michael Booth also uploaded the latest webisode of his internet series “How Many Days?” – a project where he’s chronicling how many days in takes to meet his film making inspirations – that shows a behind the scenes look at how the video was built.

With the recent viral runaway hit “You, I’m From Windsor Dude” recently trending all over, this is sure to be the next Windsor internet hit. With the recent success of their EP release party, the Blue Stones could be on their way to being the next must-see act from the Rose City.

You can catch The Blue Stones playing live this Saturday at Phog Lounge (157 University Ave. West) as the local support for Toronto’s Decade of Sleep.


Local film maker Gavin Michael Booth has recently made local news for getting Hollywood interest and support for his latest film, “Cheer For Your Life: From The Diary of Lori Lang”. For years, he’s combined his passion for film making with his love for independent music, making videos for such local bands as Inoke Errati and Ashes of Soma, while also working with national acts such as  Texas rock band The Afters‘ (whose GMB directed video for “Light Up The Sky” became an MTV and YouTube sensation, filmed in Windsor and with local actors) and Toronto’s Chasing Amee.

Before he gets down to the nitty gritty on “Cheer For Your Life”, Booth will be releasing the teen drama “Still Here”, with focuses on a teenage student who is having troubles coping with the loss of his recently deceased girlfriend, who was a singer. The vocal parts for the film were recorded by one Cerah Steele.

Film maker Booth was so impressed by her vocal performance – and so upset she wasn’t more visually represented in the film to showcase her talent – that he recently a special music video for the track “Melting”, written for the movie by musician Riley Armstrong.

Now you may not know her by name, but a few seconds into the video you’ll recognize her (and especially her pixie blue hair) – she’s been a passionate supporter of Windsor’s music scene for years and has shown up at shows from the Chubby Pickle to the Coach & Horses – she was also a volunteer stage hand at last year’s FunnelFest.

Here’s the video for “Melting”, directed and shot by Gavin Michael Booth, featuring Cerah Steele.

Back in September of 2010, many of you may have seen the poster to our right around Windsor or the Almighty Internet. It proclaimed that local power pop trio Inoke Errati were looking for a female lead for their new video for their song “Jennifer”, being filmed by local video filmmaking guru Gavin Michael Booth (whose recent video for Texan band The Afters, “Light Up The Sky”, filmed in Windsor with local Windsor actors, exploded on the internet and MTV universe). “Jennifer”, perhaps one of the catchiest pop anthems Windsor’s ever heard, is from their debut album The Wink and The Gun, and has long been a scene and internet fave. And with the upcoming release of a brand new EP (being released Sunday February 20th at The Loop), it was high time these guys had a video out.

So last September they held auditions at the new Symbol Nightclub, looking for the perfect Jennifer for the video. Or so that’s what the hundreds of applicants thought. Turns out it was all a ruse that made the video (seemingly) far more fun to make and (obviously) far more fun to watch – it’s a “reality” video of sorts, where the auditions themselves actually became the video.

Here’s the finished product and I’ll be damned…now I’m going to  have “J-J-J-Jennifer please…” running through my head for another week…

Inoke Errati EP Release Party with special guests TBA, The Loop (156 Chatham St. West, above Pogo’s/The FM Lounge), Sunday February 20