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James Steingart

The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles, The Coach & Horses,

Last and first time that I witnessed their ‘nuclear assault’ was at FunnelFest in December at the same venue.  I had to check this shit out again and I did.  For about 45 minutes, I along with all the others in attendance were thrust back into 1986, albeit some of them for the first time.  Everything from stonewash jean jackets and Sixx-spiked hair (I’m sure that’s his real hair) to bass players with Cliff Burton hair and ‘Anastasia’ were all on hand.

Can’t say I was ‘caught in a mosh’ but I did experience extreme conditions of ‘Whiplash,’ haha.  The latter was one of a feew covers they mastered along with the sleazy hardcore ‘Bite Me You Scum’ from G.G. Allin which they played for Scott Funnel since he’s been known to jam that one out on stage with the boys.

They also boasted some killer originals, notably the sickly ‘Human Centipede,’ furthering their old-school punk appeal.  Someone on hand blabbered out “I wanna go home and watch Hardcore Logo!”  That declaration itself summed up the feeling you get after seeing T.H.S.M.M.

If you think you’d dig these guys and think it would be a totally radical experience, check them out May 14 @ the Coach.  They’re also working on an EP right now which will hopefully be available soon.  Well that’s all I got, think I’m gonna pop in ‘Decline of Western Civilization,’ the punk years.


Lauren Hedges

The Playlist for The Windsor Scene, March 30, 2011;

Dstruct.O – Soul Seeker (Drumstep EP01 – 2011)

Lot 9 Brawl – Punk Flair (Doesn’t Make You Punk) (Pick Your Poison – 2009)

Crash Kondition – Terilynn’s Heart (Pretty Little Chemical – 2009)

Missiles – Burning Water (Missiles – 2009)

Betrayer – Shadowed Force (Shadowed Force EP – 2005)

Baptized in Blood – Mental (Baptized in Blood – 2010)

ASK – Stuff! (The Slacker Song) – (Future Communication -2011)

EVL – I’ll Keep Mine (I’ll Keep Mine EP – 2010)

Jonas & The Massive Attraction – Additcion (Big Slice – 2010)

Jarrett Sorko – Yo, I’m From Windsor, Dude (Single – 2011)

The Blue Stones – What She Don’t Know (Won’t Hurt Her) (The Blue Stones EP – 2011)

Tim Davidson – Polaroids (Single – 2010)

The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles – Hidin’ in the Bushes (The Windsor Zene December Sampler – 2010)

Hammerdown – Born To Kill (The Windsor Zene February Sampler – 2011)

Crissi Cochrane – Mexico (Darling, Darling – 2010)

Mike Hargreaves – Drive & Drive (Live in Layers – 2009)

Brighton – Go Back (August Demo – 2009)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Believe (Night Castle – 2009)

I was super excited when I got to the studio today and was handed a CD of Windsor-based dubstep as well as a flyer advertising a dubstep show happening Thursday night. A few weeks back I mentioned on-air how I wanted to see some local dubstep, my Program Director heard, and tipped me off when the news came his way.  Yay Vern! The quick browse I put into Dstruct.O’s “Drumstep EP02” makes me very excited to go to Panache Ultra Lounge (53 Pitt St. E) tonight (Thursday), where he will be performing alongside DJ Josh Bryant. That show starts at 10 pm, is 19+ and has $3 cover.

A song that I thought a lot about before playing this week was Jarrett Sorko’s “Yo, I’m From Windsor Dude”. Not that I hate the song, it just annoys me slightly.  But it’s been a huge thing this week, and I figured since I’m showcasing Windsor music, it should be included. Also, he has aspirations of mainstream radio airplay, and we might not be 89x, but that’s only because we at CJAM are better. And I liked his dig at Harrow, especially as I myself rep the 738. (That’s Harrow phone numbers, for those who don’t know)

I spent last Friday night at The Blind Dog in the company of some pretty good bands, and some that had me less than impressed. Anonymous Bosch and Awake to a Dream are a couple that I was already fond of, and not disappointed by. Nuclear Sunrise was a new one for me, and I’ve got to say I liked what they did. Bleach and Silver Glory were not bad by any means, I just wasn’t blown away. And then there was Jonas & The Massive Attraction. Great musicians, but their sound was something I just couldn’t get into. Jonas’ Theory of a Massive Nickel Creed. For further explanation, try the WindsoriteDOTca article I wrote on it.

This weekend is set to host some serious shows. Starting off on Friday at The Blind Dog, you can catch Baptized in Blood, Betrayer, Desertion, and Perpetuate, who are releasing their first CD. Metal heads of the city rejoice, this is not one to miss.  Baptized in Blood have recently been revealed to be on the lineup for the 2011 “Heavy T.O.” festival alongside Megadeth, Children of Bodom, and Rob Zombie. Tickets for that show run at about $135, and here you can see BIB for only $10. Steal! Betrayer has only recently returned to gigging, and after the major success of their show at The Coach last month, things can only get better.  Desertion will be making their comeback that night, so I’m quite sure they’ll be tearing things up as well. And being as Perpetuate is releasing their album, it goes without saying that they’ll be great, and they usually are anyhow, so there ya go. This show is $10 ADV/$12 Door, all ages, and doors open at 6 pm.

Saturday at The Coach The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles are playing their first show of the year, Hammerdown are playing their first show of the month, and Repetitions are playing their first show ever! Check out our feature from earlier this week to get the full rundown on this new crustpunk supergroup that is sure to make noise in Windsor’s music scene. Hammerdown’s brand of fast and heavy metal is sure to get your hair whipping and keep the beer flowing (you’ll have plenty of cash for that too, as there’s no cover), and THSMM will be their typical selves, bringing in the sounds of oldschool punk and 80’s metal. This show is free, 19+, and the first band is set to start at 11ish sharp.

And congratulations to Tim Kennedy of Harrow who called in to the show today to win himself tickets to Friday’s show at The Blind Dog. There will be more ticket  giveaways soon, so be ready.

One thing about having such a close knit community of musicians who experience a widespread spectrum of genres, is that over the years, members from several successful local acts will start to jam out of mutual respect and create something that sounds huge. Bands like The Locusts Have No King, Vultures!, James OL & The Villains, The Magic Hall of Mirrors and Orphan Choir are (or were) all bands comprised of members who were previously (or still are) in other solid local acts.

You can add the new hardcore punk band Repetitions to that list.

Roughly a year in the making, the band was built around some home jamming between legendary punk drummer Sean Boone (The Posers, The Hard Liquors, PFOD) and guitarist Stef Paulton. At the beginning of the year, the rhythm section was completed when Ash Richtig (The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles, NeanderTHRALL) on bass. After a lengthy search for a female vocalist, the band unexpectedly found a voice from Jay Buston, a vocalist best known as the throat behind PFOD and Clusterfuxx and a member of The Posers.

They’ve been using social networking to create a buzz, as punk veterans salivated at the thought of two formers members of The Posers and PFOD would be bringing back the legendary 90’s Windsor hardcore vibe to a new audience, with other musicians who bring experience in newer scenes. They released demos of songs without vocals (prior to Buston joining) and then demos with full vocals once Jay laid some down.

They recently U-Streamed one of their rehearsals, enticing fans to watch their creative process and to see the magical wonder of watching an early session in a band’s career when all the members are still full of the virginal spark of anticipation.

They make their long awaited debut this Saturday April 2  at the legendary Coach & Horses (156 Chatham St. West, basement level) opening for local heavyweights Hammerdown and The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles.