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It has already been announced that Windsor’s newest decet, The Unquiet Dead will be performing as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto in March 2012, but another local act will soon be added to theoster, pending the outcome of Friday night’s Road Runner Records Sign Me To Showcase.

For only $10 fans can see 11 acts compete for a spot in CMW 2012. The show will take place at The Dominion House Tavern (3140 Sandwich st.) and tickets are on sale from bands now, but are selling out quickly.

The showcase will be split into two halves; the first will run from 5 pm until 9 pm and will be all ages. The second half will begin at 9 and run until 1:30 am. This bit is only for those 19 and up, but one ticket provides access to both halves.

Part one will feature bands on the lighter end of the musical spectrum, starting off with pop group HelloAudio. This is a group that has played with West-Coast dance-pop sensations These Kids Wear Crowns, and who plan on releasing their first full length in 2012.

Shortcut to Last have been receiving a fair bit of attention this year, releasing an album, a slip ‘n’ slide themed music video to their first single Two Minutes in Heaven off the album of the same title, and playing numerous shows in the area. Their Bowling for Soup-esque sound is always a crowd pleaser, with pop-punky and upbeat rhythms drawing audiences and winning over new fans at every show.


With a new band member and new EP, We Can Be Heroes will be vying for a spot at CMW 2012 with their brand of dancey-pop-punk. Catchy Synth Loops and crunchy guitars create interest and define the sound of this young band.


The Tragedy of Mariam are an eclectic group that take influence from pop, punk, alternative, and hardcore bands. The result is similar to an edgier Yellowcard with more heart. They recently opened for Silverstein when they visited Windsor.


To finish off the first half of the night is female lead, heavy metal prog-rock outfit Perpetuate. With keys, operatic vocals, and intricate playing, this is a group that has carved a place for itself in the local scene, and can be found on bills with varying genres. Their first, self-titled album was released in April of this year and is currently being distributed by CDN Records.


From here the night moves into the 19+ portion of the showcase.

Against All Evil is a new band who have been “silently creating their EP at SLR Studios”. Featuring members from Richie Nix, Radio Adelaide, and Thieves in Remand, this is their second show after opening for Mic Lordz and sauce Funky in November. Pop infused alt-rock that is ready for the radio, this band is half The Black Maria and half Fallout Boy. The sort of music that you can’t really call out for having anything wrong with it, except that maybe the melodies get stuck in your head.


Slaughterhouse on the Prairie haven’t been around for as long as some bands on this bill, but by relentless playing they have built themselves a strong local fan base. Now a fixture in the city’s metal scene, they are currently working on recording at Spectre Sound Studios.


One of Windsor’s more successful acts in recent years, Assassinate the Following… will join the bill as well. Playing progressive heavy metal with passion and heart, ATF… have toured with Protest the Hero and Abandon All Ships, and their 2009 album Massacre of the North is available through CDN Records.


A local classic, Betrayer has a history of winning battle of the bands competitions, so it will be interesting to see how their practised, old-school metal fares against such an eclectic group of more modern-sounding bands. But regardless of the night’s outcome, Betrayer is always a group worth seeing, with defined stage presence and no question as to what they’re about musically.

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Ravenscode is another band in it’s infancy, but one that has found itself an audience in the Theory-of-a-Nickle-Creed fan base. After sprouting from a cover band in early 2011, they have spent this year touring Ontario and using their style of radio-friendly, crisp, alternative rock to win over audiences.


Another relatively new band, King Misfit is comprised of guys from Windsor, LaSalle, and Amherstburg. Epic, symphonic, and progressive, they’re like a less-heavy Dream Evil, and their vocalist even sounds a bit like Niklas Islefdt. They released their debut album Under Ancient Ground in the spring, and this is their second area show since then. Their songs are long, sweeping, dynamic pieces of polished rock that are very listener friendly.


Good luck to all bands participating in Friday night’s showcase, and hopefully music fans will take advantage of such a stellar lineup and go show their support for their favourites.

Road Runner Records Sign Me To Windsor Showcase takes place on Friday, December 16th and The Dominion House Tavern (3140 Sandwich St.). Tickets are $10 ADV/$15 ATD, and provide access to both halves of the show. Part 1 begins at 5 pm, is all ages, and features HelloAudio, Shortcut to Last, We Can Be Heroes, The Tragedy of Mariam, and Perpetuate. Part 2 begins at 9 pm, is 19+, and features Against All Evil, Slaughterhouse on the Prairie, Assassinate the Following…, Betrayer, Ravenscode, and King Misfit.


Visit The Loop (156 Chatham St. W. Upper Level) this Friday, November 25th for a look at some of Windsor’s finest alterative bands.

Betrayer has been part of the scene for years, is in fact one of the city’s longest-running acts. After winning a number of battle of the band competitions and doing  a fair amount of touring in Ontario, they took the better part of 2010 off, but returned earlier this year with a new member and new material. Since then, they have tirelessly played shows across Southern Ontario.

With the sound of a classic metal band, Betrayer is a throwback to the traditional sounds of Iron Maiden and Megadeth, while still keeping their own sound and style of song writing. A far cry from the guttural vocals of many meta acts happening today, frontman Jeff Klingbeil’s style of singing is smooth and rich, operatic, and clearly practiced.



Joining them onstage is another long-standing local group, Pitch Union. Also with vocals that stand out, this band has a lot more to offer, too. Their live performance commands attention as the room is filled by kaleidoscopic music with a distinct edge. The vertex between 70‘s psychedelic and modern alternative metal, Pitch Union has been playing shows since 2004, and there is definitely a reason they’re still drawing crowds seven years later.



The third and final band on Friday night’s bill is a newer one, post-grunge progressive outfit Awake to a Dream. And, despite the name, their music has nothing to do with the film Inception. Instead, they’re blending sounds from the early 90s with modern progressive rock. The outcome is an eclectic styling of music that takes unexpected turns in genre and structure.  Live performance by Awake to a Dream is generally amusing with it’s between-song banter, group members “quitting” mid show, and the possibility of a ukulele solo. Also keep in mind that these guys will be releasing their first album on New Year’s Eve at The Coach and Horses.

Betrayer, Pitch Union, and Awake to a Dream will be playing at The Loop (156 Chatham St. W, Upper Level) this Friday, November 25th. Admission is free, doors open at 9 pm, and you must be at least 19 to attend. 

Lauren Hedges

This Saturday, April 23rd,  The Blind Dog (671 Ouellette Ave.) will be consumed by metal as Inferno Fest comes to Windsor. Almost ten full hours of music, on two stages, with nineteen bands, this is sure to be intense. The lineup is a diverse set of heavy bands, most of which are from the Windsor area. This show allows re-admittance all day, and advance tickets can be purchased for only ten dollars.

Between 2 and 3 will be two as yet undecided bands, but they’ll probably be pretty good ones.

At 3, Pomegranate Tiger will be playing the small stage. These guys are a four-piece instrumental prog rock/metal group who impress whenever they play, whether the viewers have previously seen them or not.

From there, jump to the main stage at 3:30 for local badasses Assassinate the Following… with their brand of contagious and addictive heavy metal that is not just one dimensional screaming and distorted guitars, but well arranged pieces of music that will likely induce quite a pit.

Back to the small stage at 4 for Desertion who have recently decided to make a comeback into the Windsor music circuit. Playing for their “Welcome to Nothing EP” be ready for intense vocals and grinding guitars.

4:30 on the main stage gives Celtic metal from Aeron’s Wake that will get you dancing while you headbang. A very unique group for in the Windsor scene, and the only one of it’s sort at this show, they’re probably worth checking out.

Return to the small stage at 5 for A Dream in the Morning as they show off their “2-step/Ghettotech/Happy Hardcore”

Modern Miniatures from Hamilton take over the main stage at 5:30 with hardcore featuring members of Threat Signal. Even when they lay off the screaming, it’s not to sing some pretty harmonies. The vocals remain jagged and raw, a relentless barrage of heavy.

Then catch Toronto straightedge hardcore Liferuiner on the small stage at 6 before they take off for their European tour in May. Think For the Fallen Dreams and Acacia Strain, and you’ll have a good idea of what these guys sound like.

Before going once more to the main stage for Perpetuate at 6:30 where they’ll be playing in support of their newly released self-titled album, spewing thick and layered female-fronted prog-rock.

The small stage will host Anu Beginning at 7, another group with a recent release “We Move Mountains”. This pop-punk/hardcore group will entertain you while bringing up thoughts of The Offspring from A Day to Remember fornicating with Blurt.

Are you dizzy yet? Hopefully not, because there are still 8 more bands and 4 more hours of face melting to come.

So then on the main stage at 7:35 you can catch Overcome Your Kingdom from Chatham as they scream and sing their way through a set that is likely to include a fair bit of jumping around from both the band and the crowd.

And Cyreene on the small stage at 8:10 with more prog-rock to get your head whipping about.

8:45 will show Betrayer on the main stage, one of the city’s longest-running acts, this group has in the past won numerous battle of the bands competitions, and are sure to wow you with their classic-metal style.

We Remain will take over the small stage at 9:20 for thrashy prog with a unique tone to it. Description and comparisons aren’t coming easy for this one, but it’s good. So check it out, and draw your own conclusions.

Finding your way back to the main stage after that will bring you face-to-face with Blackthorn City at 9:55, who have a new EP posted to their myspace. They have only short samples that make it rather difficult to judge, but it seems promising. Traditionalish metal, I’d have to guess.

We’re getting close to the end now… The Big Dirty will be tearing up the small stage at 10:30 with a big, growling, distorted set.

While that’s going on, the main stage will be set up for Hamilton’s Aarsonist who go on at 11:05. This is another unique band for the night. Vocals are spoken, and everything about their sound is something different that what you’ll have heard up until this point. Check out their clean guitar…Wicked.

And the day will then be closed off on the small stage by Devilz by Definition, the staple band of The Coach and Horses, self-defined as “good old fashioned metal”, you’ll want to save a bit of energy for this set so you can properly thrash around for a fitting closing to a long day.

Has your face melted completely off, yet?

Inferno Fest takes place Saturday, April 23rd 2011 at The Blind Dog (671 Ouellette Ave.). It is all ages, $10 ADV/$15 Door, doors open at 1 pm and the show goes from 2 until 12:10, with re-admittance all day.

Lauren Hedges

The Playlist for The Windsor Scene, March 30, 2011;

Dstruct.O – Soul Seeker (Drumstep EP01 – 2011)

Lot 9 Brawl – Punk Flair (Doesn’t Make You Punk) (Pick Your Poison – 2009)

Crash Kondition – Terilynn’s Heart (Pretty Little Chemical – 2009)

Missiles – Burning Water (Missiles – 2009)

Betrayer – Shadowed Force (Shadowed Force EP – 2005)

Baptized in Blood – Mental (Baptized in Blood – 2010)

ASK – Stuff! (The Slacker Song) – (Future Communication -2011)

EVL – I’ll Keep Mine (I’ll Keep Mine EP – 2010)

Jonas & The Massive Attraction – Additcion (Big Slice – 2010)

Jarrett Sorko – Yo, I’m From Windsor, Dude (Single – 2011)

The Blue Stones – What She Don’t Know (Won’t Hurt Her) (The Blue Stones EP – 2011)

Tim Davidson – Polaroids (Single – 2010)

The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles – Hidin’ in the Bushes (The Windsor Zene December Sampler – 2010)

Hammerdown – Born To Kill (The Windsor Zene February Sampler – 2011)

Crissi Cochrane – Mexico (Darling, Darling – 2010)

Mike Hargreaves – Drive & Drive (Live in Layers – 2009)

Brighton – Go Back (August Demo – 2009)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Believe (Night Castle – 2009)

I was super excited when I got to the studio today and was handed a CD of Windsor-based dubstep as well as a flyer advertising a dubstep show happening Thursday night. A few weeks back I mentioned on-air how I wanted to see some local dubstep, my Program Director heard, and tipped me off when the news came his way.  Yay Vern! The quick browse I put into Dstruct.O’s “Drumstep EP02” makes me very excited to go to Panache Ultra Lounge (53 Pitt St. E) tonight (Thursday), where he will be performing alongside DJ Josh Bryant. That show starts at 10 pm, is 19+ and has $3 cover.

A song that I thought a lot about before playing this week was Jarrett Sorko’s “Yo, I’m From Windsor Dude”. Not that I hate the song, it just annoys me slightly.  But it’s been a huge thing this week, and I figured since I’m showcasing Windsor music, it should be included. Also, he has aspirations of mainstream radio airplay, and we might not be 89x, but that’s only because we at CJAM are better. And I liked his dig at Harrow, especially as I myself rep the 738. (That’s Harrow phone numbers, for those who don’t know)

I spent last Friday night at The Blind Dog in the company of some pretty good bands, and some that had me less than impressed. Anonymous Bosch and Awake to a Dream are a couple that I was already fond of, and not disappointed by. Nuclear Sunrise was a new one for me, and I’ve got to say I liked what they did. Bleach and Silver Glory were not bad by any means, I just wasn’t blown away. And then there was Jonas & The Massive Attraction. Great musicians, but their sound was something I just couldn’t get into. Jonas’ Theory of a Massive Nickel Creed. For further explanation, try the WindsoriteDOTca article I wrote on it.

This weekend is set to host some serious shows. Starting off on Friday at The Blind Dog, you can catch Baptized in Blood, Betrayer, Desertion, and Perpetuate, who are releasing their first CD. Metal heads of the city rejoice, this is not one to miss.  Baptized in Blood have recently been revealed to be on the lineup for the 2011 “Heavy T.O.” festival alongside Megadeth, Children of Bodom, and Rob Zombie. Tickets for that show run at about $135, and here you can see BIB for only $10. Steal! Betrayer has only recently returned to gigging, and after the major success of their show at The Coach last month, things can only get better.  Desertion will be making their comeback that night, so I’m quite sure they’ll be tearing things up as well. And being as Perpetuate is releasing their album, it goes without saying that they’ll be great, and they usually are anyhow, so there ya go. This show is $10 ADV/$12 Door, all ages, and doors open at 6 pm.

Saturday at The Coach The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles are playing their first show of the year, Hammerdown are playing their first show of the month, and Repetitions are playing their first show ever! Check out our feature from earlier this week to get the full rundown on this new crustpunk supergroup that is sure to make noise in Windsor’s music scene. Hammerdown’s brand of fast and heavy metal is sure to get your hair whipping and keep the beer flowing (you’ll have plenty of cash for that too, as there’s no cover), and THSMM will be their typical selves, bringing in the sounds of oldschool punk and 80’s metal. This show is free, 19+, and the first band is set to start at 11ish sharp.

And congratulations to Tim Kennedy of Harrow who called in to the show today to win himself tickets to Friday’s show at The Blind Dog. There will be more ticket  giveaways soon, so be ready.

Lauren Hedges

First things first, the playlist from this week’s installment of The Windsor Scene, also available as a download.

Dave Russell – Toys (Unnatural Disaster – 2010)

Fresh Breath – Speed of Sound (The Speed of Sound – 2010)

Jordan Dollar – Flight (Move Forward II – 2010)

Acousticfire – Sorry Old Man (The Windsor Zene Sampler February – 2011)

Goliath – Facebreaker (Funweiser EP – 2011)

Assassinate the Following… – Sinful Beginnings (Assasinate the Following…)

Fuck The Facts – Fingers with Candy Tips (Collection of Splits 2000-2004 – 2005)

Tony Coates – Beautiful (2010)

Anonymous Bosch – Death, Metal, and Blues (Anonymous Bosch)

Awake to a Dream – Tainted (2011)

ATM – Crusty Barnacle (ATM/Gnarlie Murphy Split – 2010)

Shortcut to Last – It’s Not Enough (I Know You’re Not One For Serious Situations – 2010)

Riverside – The Best is Yet To Come (Newspeak)

Time Giant – Lobotomy (Grow – 2011)

Sewing with Nancie – Naïve (The Same Three Chords – 2000)

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Muscle Relaxants (Departing – 2011)

Lonesome Lefty & The Cryin’ Shames – Back to the Sugar Camp (Souvenir Album – 2011)

Yellow Wood – Be A Little Braver (Son of the Oppressor – 2009)

Yellow Wood – Picture (Son of the Oppressor – 2009)

And a few notes on the show;

Thanks to Dave Russell for the nudge towards his tunes! Anonymous Bosch did a similar thing this week as well, informing me of their newly-submitted album. There are a lot of CDs in our library, and I have yet to find the time to become familiar with all of them. Requests for music, whether they’re coming from artists or fans, are always welcome and appreciated. So what do you want to hear?

Awake to a Dream, Tony Coates, and Shortcut to Last are rad for supplying their music after I asked for it. Thanks for helping to build the show, and CJAM’s local library!

Anyone else interested in having their albums added to our selection of local artists can feel free to drop CD’s (or vinyl!) off at the station in the basement of the CAW Student Centre at The University of Windsor.

This past week I was in attendance at a number of sweet shows.

Last Thursday, which also happened to be St. Patty’s Day, I spent my evening at The Coach, and as my alcohol consumption went up, I remembered more. Yes, I know this makes no sense, but there it is. What this translates into is this; of The Kettle Black I remember a dude with a guitar, some black curtains, and weirdness. So, that is to say, not very much. On to Devilz by Definition, then. Metal. Lots of mids, high-pitched screaming. We’re getting better. So next came Awake to a Dream. A ukulele cover of The “Last Saskatchewan Pirate” by The Arrogant Worms, and I geeked out. Music from Sonic 2. I geeked more. It was awesome!

Sunday night was Shared Arms, Everyone Everywhere, and The All Night in an all-ages show at Phog. Pop-punk at it’s finest. The moshing had to be continually squashed, and the crowd sang as loud as the bands, even when they weren’t hijacking microphones. It made me really appreciate and wonder at the dedication of music fans in Windsor, that they learn the words to every single song of the local bands they love. It’s great to see, you won’t find it quite the same anywhere else.

Tuesday night was the debut of Cellos in the opening slot for KEN Mode. I unfortunately had to miss the first band thanks to work, but folks tell me it was quite the experience.  My first encounter with KEN Mode was pretty damn awesome, but I don’t know how to describe it. They can’t be defined by a single (or even 3) genre. It was for sure heavy, and the mixing of an Orange stack with a Mesa head almost made me cry I loved it so much. Instead of trying and failing to describe this music, how about you just listen to it.

Friday the 25th is a very busy night in the Windsor music scene, but I’ll give you the rundown on my show of choice (and believe me; it wasn’t an easy one). At The Blind Dog you can see Silver Glory, Awake to a Dream, Nuclear Sunrise, Bleach, Jonas & the Massive Attraction, and Anonymous Bosch for only $10 (with the purchase of an advance ticket).  A night of rock’n’roll at it’s finest. Pretty stoked for this one.

But any show you choose in Windsor this weekend, whether it’s Tony Coates at Taloola, Fuck the Facts at The Coach, or Freedom Within at Trees, it’s gonna be great, because Windsor fans are half the fun of these shows, and they’re sure to be packing each one of them.

And as an extra special tip, if you tune in to the show next Wednesday between 5 and 630 you’ll have a chance to win a pair of tickets to the upcoming Perpetuate CD Release Show with Baptized in Blood and Betrayer. That’s right, free tickets to a sweet metal show. What more can you ask for?

Prepare for Helter Celtic this Friday at the legendary Coach & Horses (156 Chatham St. West, below Pogo’s). Hailing from the Celtic northlands of London and Goderich, Ontario, CDN Records recording artists Battlesoul bring their stylized “Celtic metal” back to the Coach’s dimly lit stage for what will surely be an aural and visual treat for all those in attendance.

As one of the few non-local acts to play last December’s FunnelFest music festival (due to a prior booking amalgamated with the festival), Battlesoul were perhaps one of the least recognizable names on the announced line-up. But by the end of the Festival, they were clearly one of the favourites. With the rapid fire precision of a Pict attack, to the brutal savagery of the Highlands themselves, Battlesoul’s musical mastery was omnipresent that night – as were their garb. Yes, they perform in full kilts and shirtless, long hair propelled around in vicious pinwheels by the the force of their own headbanging. As visually captivating as they were sonically impressive, Battlesoul hit the Coach in support of their latest record, Lay Down Thy Burden. Compared to such Scandinavian “Viking metal” bands like Tyr, Fintroll and Turisas, Battlesoul owes more to the lyrical mythology of Celtic folklore than their Scandinavian brethren, but the barbarism is still there. Just like all great metal should.

Direct support for this show comes from a couple of Windsor metal heavyweights. Veterans Betrayer return to the Coach with their classic 80’s sounding metal (meaning more akin to Megadeth and Iron Maiden than Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir) and, although they aren’t experienced nearly as frequently as some bands seem to, these guys are long standing members of Windsor’s metal royalty and some of the tightest and most proficient musicians in the scene. Another band to play last year’s FunnelFest, Hammerdown has been a force on Windsor’s metal scene for the past few years, with a ferocious guitar attack and thunderous drums akin to Black Label Society or local legends like fiftywatthead and Georgian Skull. These guys are intense and bring a heavy that relies on powerful groove rather than breakneck speed. True heavy.

Opening the show are a couple of newer acts. Perpetuate, a prog metal band that will inevitably draw comparisons to bands like Lacuna Coil or Nightwish, if not simply because of the vocal similarities by Perpetuate’s Kim McInnes. But don’t let the voice overshadow the guitar prowess of Jamie Hush. Musically, they’re closer in style to bands like Trivium or Dream Theater. As they continue to mature, look for them to become a force in the metal scene. Rounding out the bill is newcomers Awake To A Dream (whose track “The Importance of the Bass Guitar” is available for free on this month’s FREE Windsor Music Sampler), who have been jumping on a slew of shows recently to get their name and sound out there. These guys write more melodic based hard rock (perhaps influenced by vocalist/guitarist Chris Wilbur’s prior stint in One Man’s Opinion) but that’s not an knock – they just write well written heavy rock with a hook.

Battlesoul with special guests Betrayer, Hammerdown, Perpetuate and Awake To A Dream, The Coach & Horses (156 Chatham St. West, below Pogo’s), Friday February 4th, 10pm, 19+, $5 at the door ($4 advance via band members)