The Indecent sign major deal with Warner Bros. – with a Windsor connection

Posted: February 16, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Music Videos, Reviews
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The Indecent is not a Windsor band. I don’t think they’ve ever even played in Windsor before. But this band that features a set of New York City triplets (all of whom are 17 years old) just signed a major record deal with Warner Bros. And by that, I mean with the parent company, not a little subsidiary that will simply get distribution by Warner. No, they’re getting the Big Time treatment (or as Orson Wells said in The Muppet Movie, the “Rich & Famous Contract”).

So why are they being reported on in The Windsor Zene then, you ask?

Because the fourth member – the only one who doesn’t share a similar DNA pattern – is Windsor drummer Nicholas Burrows. Check that last name. Sound familiar? That’s because he’s the teenage son of Windsor rock and roll veteran Jeff Burrows, he of Tea Party (and more recently) Crash Karma fame (as well as popular rock jock on The Rock 100.7 FM in Windsor).

How did this happen?

Well when they were shopping demos, it was the ear of producer Stuart Chatwood who decided to take them in and polish their sound. Only problem was, the trio didn’t have a reliable drummer. Luckily Chatwood had an ace in his sleeve. You see, Chatwood was also a member of The Tea Party. Yes, that Stuart Chatwood. As in the former bassist in The Tea Party. So he called up his old partner in crime Mr. Burrows, who just happened to have spawned his own young percussionist.

So now young Nicholas Burrows is the drummer in one of the hottest industry indie buzz bands in recent memory (don’t worry, not a lot of people have heard of them outside the industry…yet), and are about to release their debut album on Warner Bros. Records. For reals.

Their sound is definitely inspired by the grunge era of the early ’90s (before it was watered down and went from Nirvana and Mudhoney to Candlebox and Gin Blossoms) and their sound is definitely more of a tribute to their own tastes and appreciations rather than simply trying to tap into something that will fire nostalgia triggers. These kids seem to be the real deal. They write and perform their own music and seem to have more edge and rock and roll sincerity than Avril Lavigne or Sum 41 showed when they first appeared on the scene as youngsters.

Here’s their latest single, “Lucky Ones” – give ‘er a listen. And if Jeff Burrows has any say in the matter, I would assume we get at least one show from them in Windsor before they’re thrown on a major tour. In which case, Detroit may be our only chance to catch them so close to Nick’s home town.

  1. MattDee says:

    Very cool, I am totally rooting for these guys.

  2. Eric Kolkey says:

    Awesome! GREAT BAND!!

  3. Awful! says:

    They are awful! I absolutely adore bands like Nirvana but these are just little wannabees.
    And I’m 16 and I have braces like the lead singer lass; so I know that her trying to act grunge with them isn’t going to work over in England at least; sorry but face the truth.

    • Windsor Zene says:

      Stereophonics sound an awful lot like they’re trying to act grunge. Same goes for Bush. And they worked pretty well in the UK. In fact, the UK seems to embrace more wannabes than anyone. Oasis anyone? Everyone emulates their heroes. Hell, Nirvana was afraid that they were going to bomb because they sounded too much like the Pixies or Melvins.

  4. Howie Hubberman says:

    This Band Rocks hard !! Love the Vibe, love the direction, This should be a huge hit for WB !! Congrats and good luck !! Howie Hubberman ,…

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